Crossing A Divide, Seeking Good

New York Times

"It’s an unusual situation for a festival director to be in, not to mention a pastor. For the last several years, the Crossing has sponsored the festival’s True Life Fund, which awards financial support, sometimes upward of $30,000, to subjects of documentaries — not the filmmakers, who customarily receive the awards. Then again, it’s an unusual marriage."

Building a Celluloid Bridge

Christianity Today

"But I also know documentary film—how it often specializes in highlighting and exploring causes and ideas you’d be hard-pressed to find represented in your typical church library or on any list of “Christian” movies. Documentaries often challenge conservative politics and organized religion, and the sorts that make the rounds at festivals (and the audiences that turn up for them) don’t tend to be predisposed favorably toward evangelicals." 

True False Film Fest, The Crossing expand partnership

Columbia Daily Tribune

"The Crossing became the True Life Fund’s presenting sponsor in 2009. Its relationship with True/False has received national attention."

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